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500B in market cap is about to move. Are you exposed to this potential?

If not, buy stock in Humanz. Consider our spirit animals: DuckDuckGo, Netflix, and Uber.

Product strategy a la DuckDuckGo. A social network that respects people's privacy.

Acquisition modeled on Netflix, focused on midsize creators. They still don't have a Game of Thrones, and it still doesn't matter.

For fundraising, here's our profound insight: in 2019, Uber isn't Groupon, and Softbank isn't DST. Groupon plummeted 90% post IPO. Uber didn't. So, inelegant as it seemed (buying a 70B market position for 30B), and whatever it means for society, their brute-force strategy has paid off for investors. We all must adapt.

Reach out and we can do something together.

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